Street lifestyle fashion company, White Stuff has announced it is to open another 10 stores by 2006.

The London-based firm, originally known just for skiwear, says it has not been hit by the UK high street retail malaise. Business is booming and the company is on track to opening its thirteenth UK store by the end of March.

White Stuff has four stores in London, including Battersea and Richmond and others dotted around the country, including Edinburgh, Nottingham and Oxford, as well as three in the French Alps.

There are around 130 pieces in the White Stuff collection, including t-shirts, vest and knitwear and technical skiwear for serious skiers.

Former ski instructor, Sean Thomas, a director of the company, is upbeat about the current climate and market. He said: "We are doing OK and have not been hit by any of the problems some other retailers have been affected by.

"Our target market is 25 - 35 year-olds, but we have also increased sales in the younger end of the market as well."

Mr Thomas said the plan is to open between two and three new stores a year. "We don't want to saturate the market," he said.