China: Extends lead as value-added textiles and apparel producer

China: Extends lead as value-added textiles and apparel producer

China’s global share of value-added manufacturing - in both textiles and apparel - has soared in the last decade at the expense of manufacturers based in both rich and emerging economies, a UN study shows.

In textiles, China’s robust expansion enabled it to increase its global share of value-added textile manufacturing in 2008 to 43.2%, up from 16.8% in 2000.

However, rich nations have posted sharp declines compared with the world’s second ranked producer in terms of value-added textile manufacturing.

The US saw its share slide in 2008 to 6.5%, down from 12.2% in 2000.

Similarly, third ranked Italy also posted a decline to 4.8% in 2008 which represented a big drop from 9% world share eight years earlier, found the International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2010, by the UN Industrial Development Organisation.

Some emerging economies, such as Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, and Turkey, also experienced a loss in global share while India and Bangladesh posted gains, the study reveals.

China has also managed to make similar inroads in its global share of value-added manufacturing (VAM) for apparel. In 2008 its market share reached 38.7%, leading the segment from a 11.2% share and third position back in 2000.

The increases by the world’s fastest emerging economy have elbowed out Japan from the top slot it occupied in terms of VAM, and also second placed US.

Japan’s share dipped from 18% in 2000 to 7.2% in 2008, ranking it second, and the US saw its share erode from 15.2% share in 2000 to 6.8% in 2008.

Italy, the UK, France, Germany and Canada all lost VAM share in apparel, as did some emerging countries such as Brazil, Korea and Turkey.

Besides China, other emerging countries that posted VAM increases between 2000 and 2008 for apparel included Thailand, Vietnam Bangladesh, and Indonesia, UNIDO said.