Chinese cashmere clothing group Erdos Investment Holding Group Co has invested in a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to help the company accelerate its transition to omnichannel sales.

Erdos, which was founded in 1979 and is China's most prestigious cashmere brand, has successfully implemented Centric Software's PLM solution. The company has an extensive end-to-end supply chain covering pastures, sheep breeding, cashmere harvesting, R&D, production and direct to consumer retailing.

To contend with fierce market competition and to accelerate its transition to omnichannel sales, Erdos increasingly requires detailed management and strategic support of internal business processes. However, many of these were being managed in disconnected systems and offline documents. Erdos selected Centric Fashion PLM to establish a product-centred digital R&D collaboration platform and a unified digital asset management system.

Dai Tana, executive deputy general Manager of Erdos's brand division, says: "As a clothing company, products are of the utmost importance, so this PLM project is crucial.

"The Covid-19 epidemic brought challenges, but also opportunities. It gave us time to review and optimise existing work methods so that different teams can understand the operations of the entire business chain from a broader perspective."

The Erdos PLM project has achieved its four major goals: Building a design and R&D platform, setting up a basic brand database, clarifying cost control mechanisms, and promoting digitalised R&D decision-making.

Luo Qi, IT director of the Erdos brand division, adds: "Close communication and multiple rounds of seminars between teams from both sides helped Erdos' users gain a deeper understanding of the application of Centric PLM. PLM will be the fundamental tool for our future development, and R&D digitalisation will advance the entire Erdos system."