Revival Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd, a multi-million dollar clothing venture between a Zimbabwean businessman and Chinese investors, will start production this month in a development that could see the creation of 800 new jobs.

The project, which has the potential to generate 11,800 new jobs, will open its doors for the first time on November 15.

Revival Fashions is jointly owned by Leythem Investments, a company owned by local businessman Langton Nyatsambo and one of the world's leading clothing and textile firms, Fok Hing International of China.

"Equipment has been coming in from China and we received the first batch from our partners some two weeks ago," Nyatsambo said.

"The first phase of recruitment has also started. We are starting with a staff of 800 people and hope to grow this labour force to around 12,000 when we reach full production capacity," he said.

Revival Fashions has an Export Processing Zone licence and will export 80 per cent of its output. The company is expected to make a significant contribution to the economy through the generation of foreign currency and jobs.

Nyatsambo said the clothing company will produce at least 50,000 trousers in its initial stages, destined for Portugal and the United States.

"We are already looking at making a major investment into our second project, which will involve the conversion of cotton into polyester yarn," he said. Currently, most of Zimbabwe's clothing companies use imported yarn.

By Barnabas Thondhlana.