Buylink Corporation, the online business-to-business marketplace for wholesalers and retailers of specialty consumer products, hosted an e-commerce working session with a government delegation from the People's Republic of China on 23 July.Tian Kai Wang, China's vice minister of the State Textile Industry Administration and his delegation are tasked with implementing e-commerce for the Chinese textile industry. The Textile Industry Administration maintains a database of more than 100,000 Chinese manufacturers seeking to market their wares to US retailers. During the discussions, the Chinese delegation examined the Buylink community, services and business-to-business technology, laying the groundwork for a mutually beneficial partnership. In the coming months Buylink executives will travel to Beijing at the request of the Chinese delegation to continue partnership discussions.The Textile Industry Administration is charged with ensuring the technological progress of the industry and providing key information to decision-making bodies in the Chinese government. Its services include the implementation of hardware and software systems for the textile industry, development of new textile products, market research and analysis, industry reports on emerging market trends and aid in exporting Chinese products."Our vision for Buylink is global because we know that the fragmentation of the retail industry exists worldwide - not just in the US. An online exchange where vendors and retailers can find each other and do business in an easy and cost-effective way is a model that makes sense no matter where you live," commented Brian Dunning, Buylink's chief technology officer and company co-founder. "There are hundreds of thousands of manufacturers in China who want to sell their products to US retailers and US retailers are looking for an easy way to access these products. It's a perfect match."