The coldblack collection launched last month

The coldblack collection launched last month

Textiles processing company Clariant and textile technologies firm Schoeller have collaborated with sportswear brand Under Armour to develop its Coldblack sportswear collection.

Light coloured textiles reflect both visible and invisible rays of sunlight, while dark ones absorb both. The coldblack line, which launched last month, works to reduce the absorption of heat rays from darker coloured clothing.

Under Armour has adopted the coldblack technology in its sports apparel ranges for men's and women's running, golf, and training apparel categories. The company aims to make all athletes better through science, design and innovation.

Some 144 separate coldblack formulations have been developed to date and will be supplied for ranges that include 100% knitted and woven polyester fabrics, as well as blends with elastane and polyamide, in a wide range of colours.

"The winning combination of reflecting direct sunlight and providing UV protection brings new levels of functionality to the sports apparel market," said Hans Kohn, COO of Schoeller Technologies.

In addition, the Sanitized hygiene function, an antimicrobial finish manufactured by Sanitized and distributed by Clariant, will provide freshness, performance and wearing comfort within the ranges.

Last week, Under Armour saw its first-quarter net income rise on the back of new product launches. Net income increased 21% over the quarter ended 31 March to US$15m, as revenue increased 23% to $384m.