Clairant is working to help textile manufacturers reduce the amount of water used in the dyeing process.

The company said that its Advanced Denim dyeing process allows potential savings of 92% of water consumption and 45% of energy consumption compared to conventional denim processes.

Its SWIFT continuous dyeing process for PES/CEL Blends can help achieve up to 45% less CO2 emissions and 50% less water use compared to conventional processes.

Meanwhile, its "ultra low liquor ratio cellulosic dyeing" process can show reductions of up to 43% in energy consumption and 25% in water consumption compared to the benchmark process, and its Blue Magic process for discontinuous treatment can allow savings of up to 50% in water, 40% in energy and 50% in time compared to classical bleaching processes.

The company said it has published the results of these studies as a series of "One Way" score cards, which demonstrate the percentage savings in water and energy consumption, chemical usage, time, carbon dioxide emissions and BOD/COD ratio achievable with its processes compared to conventional processes.

"With the One Way toolbox we are going the extra mile to encourage and support
greater resource saving by the textile industry. It puts transparent and reliable facts about how new available technologies help answer brands' and retailers' requirements for more sustainability - atcontrolled cost levels - at their fingertips," said Clariant's head of marketing for its textile chemicals business unit, Emrah Esder.