Clarks Shoes is to launch Active Mover, a new range of outdoor boots that features a revolutionary shock absorption system that is designed to minimise foot movement, preventing rubbing and blistering.

The BioPod system (Biomechanical Performance On Demand) is a small plug that sticks out slightly from the heel of the shoe. As the wearer's heel strikes the floor the plug compresses, absorbing the energy and spreading the resulting pressure evenly across the heel of the insole.

Clarks claims that by channelling the energy away from one point of the heel there will be less foot movement within the boot cutting down on rubbing and foot discomfort.

The plug has also been designed to increase the flexibility in the sole of the shoe, which the makers claim will discourage stones and mud from lodging in the sole, improving the reliability of the shoe's grip.

The shoe designer and BioPod creator, Chris Towns, said: "Sometimes the most innovative solutions come from an idea that has been translated from another market altogether. For shock absorption, we looked at the suspension concept used in 4-wheel drive vehicles and then considered how this could be perhaps applied to footwear."

In designing the BioPod technology the team of research designers used some of the latest CAD design technology to test the prototype materials in simulated conditions, Chris said: "By using the latest software, we were able to accurately monitor and assess all the relevant forces applied to the foot and boot during walking. This meant we could analyse and specify the right grade of composite material which would give a perfectly controlled 'heel strike'".

As well as the BioPod system, the Active Mover will also feature fully waterproofed breathable leather uppers, the Clarks Mover sole, rubber outsoles and toe guard, a removable footbed and heel cradle and Clarks Active Air technology in the sole.

The new range of boots will be available in the autumn.