A new scheme to help fabric buyers and designers has been launched by textile industry solution providers ClickTex.

The Fabric Spotlight will act as a showcase for suppliers to present their new items to the industry and will feature an innovative or hot product every two weeks.

The Fabric Spotlight will appear on the homepage of ClickTex.com and will provide featured products with maximum exposure to the textile industry. Products featured in the Fabric Spotlight will benefit from enhanced viewing features, offering richer detail and information about the product.

"The Spotlight brings fabrics to life online, "said Tom Lazaroff, ClickTex vice president of marketing. "The enhanced detail for each fabric in the Spotlight gives buyers and designers a better feel for the product and its applications. With a clearer understanding of the product comes more sampling and transactions for our customers."

The Product Showcase page displays three products (with images) as well as descriptions of each product. Buyers and designers can also zoom in on the fabric by viewing images, which display the item at four different levels of magnification. In addition, each fabric in the Spotlight is depicted in its end use, such as women's wear, men's wear, or swimwear, so that designers and buyers get a clearer understanding of the fabric's possible applications.