Easysourcing.net and ClickTex.com today announced the formation of a strategic alliance that will provide customers of each company with access to each other's Web sites. This gateway will complement each company's offerings and will give their customers greater flexibility and choices. "Easysourcing.net is helping to bring eyeballs to the ClickTex site," said Michael Rappaport, vice president of business development for ClickTex.com. "Easysourcing.net is a global company with solid penetration in several textile regions. Partnering with companies that attract textile buyers and sellers is extremely important for the success of ClickTex.com." "We are very pleased to work with ClickTex.com in building a bridge of exchange and a relationship between the two companies," said Alan Chan, chief and general manager of Easysourcing.net. "We feel that this move will provide us with a channel to stimulate the company's exposure, which we feel is a wise move during this competitive era. This also provides an avenue of textile transactions for our end-users.