, the business-to-business Net market for the textile industry, today announced that it has partnered with to provide comprehensive online transaction management and escrow services for's e-commerce transactions. With this alliance, will provide its online escrow managed transaction technology as part of's services offering, providing a safe, secure method for buyers and sellers to successfully complete their transactions. The services offered by manage all the terms and conditions surrounding online transactions and greatly reduce the possibility of fraud for's online buyers and sellers. Acting as a secure third-party intermediary, will hold the buyer's money, ensuring all terms and conditions of the transaction are met. Upon acceptance of the merchandise by the buyer, will release the funds to the seller. "The agreement with is designed to give customers 'peace-of-mind' through advanced escrow services," said Michael Rappaport, vice president of business development for "We view's role within as an essential piece of our product offering - helping to create the Internet's most dynamic, safe and exciting market for transacting textiles." Affiliated with Fidelity National Financial Inc (FNF), one of the world's largest escrow companies, and Micro General Corp, the technology arm of FNF and a leader in e-commerce and trust accounting technology and e-commerce solutions, has created the most reliable online transaction management and escrow solution on the Internet. The platform for's technology was first developed in 1985 and since has managed more than $1 trillion in transactions for Fidelity National Financial and other such companies.