Morocco's clothing and textiles exports to Europe are expected to show a slump in the second half of the year due to a sharp fall in orders from Europe, trade body AMITH has warned.

The current trend contrasts sharply with growth in exports of more than 17% to Europe in the first half of 2011.

Speaking to journalists following a recent meeting of AMITH's executive, director Mohamed Tazi underlined the sudden and marked deterioration in the market since the start of the summer which has seen a "worrying decline in consumption in Europe."

Some of the Moroccan exporters' main customers in Europe have cut their orders by close to 30% , largely due to the financial crisis surrounding the euro. "We don't know if we are just going through a zone of turbulence or if on the contrary, it signals a much deeper crisis," Tazi explained.

He said local firms' visibility stretched only as far as the end of October and that if they could not find outlets for their production, some of them could collapse under the weight of stocks.