The head of the All Pakistan Cloth Exporters Association (APCEA) has dismissed suggestions that military and political developments in the region have led to delays in shipments and disruption to industrial activity.

APCEA chairman Mian Muhammad Latif claims a deliberate negative propaganda had been mounted by vested elements to paint Pakistan as unsafe country for foreign buyers.

He said that as a result, foreign buyers were diverting their export orders to other countries and appealed to his government to launch a campaign to fend off the damage being done to Pakistani exports.

He highlighted the fact that business activity in Pakistan is going on in normal manner and all shipments were sailing off as per schedule and routine and the safety of people and property were quite normal.

Mr Latif also stressed that military manoeuvrings hundreds of miles away from the country's main trade and industrial centres, and that during Russian military attacks on Afghanistan in the 80s, business activity in Pakistan had not been affected.

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