California-based Yes Clothing Company Inc has announced it is to change its name to BioSecure Corp as it looks to develop, license, purchase and market bio-technical and other personal protection products.

The company operated a successful woman's wear clothing line under the trade name "Yes" until 1997, but its directors have since been seeking business opportunities in other industries in order to rebuild.

Subject to approval by the relevant authorites, the company will now change its name within the next 60 days.

"The name change will effectively separate the company's historical business from its future activities,'' said Jon Lawver, corporate secretary and director of Yes Clothing.

"The board is enthusiastic about entering this market at a time when the world is on heightened alert and there is an obvious need for personal protection products.

"The BioSecure name will better represent the personal protection products the company will be developing and marketing. The recent bio-terrorism events have made it clear that hazardous materials are now part of our daily lives.

"BioSecure products will be introduced to address everything from anthrax to the more mundane bio-hazards that exist in every business and residence, like copier toner and cleaning products."