Textile experts attending a clothing fair in Humen City in south China's Guangdong Province urged the country's clothing producers to pay heed to environmental protection in the process of clothing manufacturing and use of fibre materials.

The design and manufacturing standards of the clothing industry in China lag behind that of western countries and many producers have not developed awareness of the environmental problems caused by the industry, experts said at the fifth China Humen International Garment Fair - one of the largest Chinese womenswear exhibitions.

However, with the increased clothing consumption power in China, consumers have become increasingly aware of the effect of fabrics on human health and the environment.

Besides public awareness, the country's anticipated accession into the World Trade Organization has prompted Chinese clothing manufacturers to obtain environmental certificates, considered by many to be an export pass to the international market.

Sources at the fair said that approximately 100 clothing plants are sure that their products are environmentally friendly.
The experts have urged the government to work out a unified standard to apply to clothing product quality.