Clothing and textiles were one of the two top product categories notified through the European Union's (EU) rapid alert system on dangerous consumer products (RAPEX) in 2013.

According to a report published on Tuesday (25 March) by the European Commission (EC), one quarter of the 2,364 notifications recorded in the system last year concerned clothing and textile items, while another quarter referred to toys.

The main risks related to dangerous clothing were exposure to hazardous chemicals, choking and strangulation, according to the report.

Chromium VI, which has been found to be a carcinogen and restricted in Europe, was found in shoes and leather articles. Drawstrings and cords in notified dangerous clothes continued to pose risks of strangulation, as in previous years, according to Brussels. The main source of these problem items is China.

Clothing items were also the most common notified dangerous product category in 2012, representing 34% of all RAPEX notifications.

Responses from consumer protection authorities in both years range from seizures of dangerous products at the border and in shops, to voluntary withdrawals from sale by concerned retailers and manufacturers, the European Commission explained.

"Non-compliant unsafe consumer goods still circulate on the market in Europe and every actor must remain vigilant," said EU consumer protection Commissioner Neven Mimica during a press briefing in Brussels.