Luxury leather goods and accessories brand Coach has been awarded a US$257m default judgment in a lawsuit filed against online sellers of counterfeit merchandise.

The decision also means Coach will now also own 573 internet domain names, which the defendants previously used to carry out their illegal operations.

"The magnitude of this judgment underscores the severity and illegality of counterfeiting, and sends a clear message that our courts will enforce the law," said Todd Kahn, Coach's executive vice president and general counsel. 

He added: "This judgment should serve as a warning to everyone involved in any aspect of trafficking in counterfeit goods that Coach will find you and will seek to impose the harshest penalties available against you."

The New-York based company launched an anti-counterfeiting litigation campaign in May 2009 called 'Operation Turnlock,' which was designed to make it increasingly difficult for businesses to sell counterfeit Coach goods.