Industrial thread maker Coats has developed a line of 100% polyester continuous filament sewing threads designed to offer greater versatility and a clean seam appearance in outdoor apparel.

The Epic AS and Gral AS threads are aimed at outdoor performance sportswear, woven outerwear and fashion jackets, and have lower static and dynamic friction values to help minimise down leakage through needle holes.

"The lower dynamic friction values of Gral AS and Epic AS also enhance the uniformity of the stitch formation allowing neat, well balanced seams," the company explains.

Specifically, Epic AS is made from 100% polyester with the continuous filament polyester core and soft staple polyester wrap designed to deliver high seam strength and improved performance.

Gral AS, meanwhile, also a 100% polyester continuous filament sewing thread, has a smooth surface, creating a cleaner seam appearance.

Both threads allow lower tension settings, improvement in stitch balance, providing neater and flatter seams, and are a solution for oil-sensitive materials. They also allow for improved sewing performance on complex materials due to their higher heat shield.