Industrial thread and consumer textile crafts company Coats has launched Coats Colour StockMatch, a service that manages and utilises excess thread stocks.

The tool helps customers keep track of thread stock quantities in warehouses, as well as providing a solution for faster thread sampling.

Coats said a factory with 500 sewing machines will typically have between 40,000 to 60,000 excess thread cones in the warehouse. The excess thread is usually only eliminated by selling to dealers at heavily discounted prices.

Thread is ordered against each against each finished goods production run, taking into account style, size and colour. As thread has to match fabric, it is difficult to check thread stocks in the warehouse before making fresh orders. Therefore often a new order is placed when a close enough thread match may already exist in the warehouse. As a result this causes delays in prototype sampling as customers await a new order and exacerbates the excess stock issue.

Coats said its Colour Stock Match provides a solution to both problems. Using the electronic capsure device, which which can be preloaded with the customer's shade cards, the nearest thread match can now be accurately identified from existing excess thread stocks.

"Coats Colour StockMatch was developed in response to customer feedback and our own research which found that typically 15% excess thread is ordered as standard to take into account built in efficiency factors such as machine operator capabilities, thread breakage and waste," said chief commercial officer Frazer Smith.

"Coats Colour StockMatch further demonstrates our commitment to sustainable, efficient cost effective solutions that meet our customers' needs."