Industrial thread maker Coats is partnering with Annabelle Hope, a start-up sustainable clothing manufacturer based in Cambodia, as part of its commitment to developing sustainable products and processes.

Annabelle Hope produces ladies' and childrenswear in which all the components meet strict sustainability standards. These include Coats threads, Epic Ecoverde and Gramax EcoVerde, which are made from 100% recycled polyester thread. In addition, care labels are made from recycled plastic bottles and the company has a zero waste policy and uses its offcuts of leftover fabric to make patchwork quilts for charity. The quilts are sewn in 'Charity Time' which can be during breaks or downtime.

The start-up aspires to change the concept of garment manufacturing by encouraging consumers to think more widely about the impact of their buying power and how their purchase choice affects the individual lives of those that have produced the garment: the manufacturing employees and their families.

Annabelle Hope's children's dresses can fit a growing child for up to two years. The design and cut enables them to 'grow' with the child from a loose-fitting style when young to a more tailored style as they become older. They can also withstand the hardcore wear and tear, as well as washing, children's clothes have to endure.

"Annabelle Hope is a unique start-up and offers an innovative partnership. Coats is committed to developing sustainable products and processes; and providing support to like-minded specialist brands, such as Annabelle Hope, is a natural part of this," Adrian Elliott, president, apparel and footwear, Coats, said.

Alice Scott, founder of Annabelle Hope, added: "Having worked in the apparel industry for much of my career I have long admired the pioneering role Coats has developed in sustainability. As brands, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers, we all have a responsibility to educate our customers about sustainability and ethical garment manufacturing practices. Partnering with an industry leader like Coats is a great step forward for Annabelle Hope."

The partnership follows the release of the Coats 2020 Sustainability Report, 'Pioneering a sustainable future: raising our ambition'. It has committed to set science-based emissions reduction targets and has also become a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the leading proponent of the idea of circular economies which aligns closely with Coats objectives to develop products and process that are compatible with this.