A new material made of coconut waste has been used to produce an innovative line of cycling outerwear to be available from January that its maker claims keeps cyclists dry and odour-free.

Connecticut, US-based, Cannondale has made gloves, tops and shorts out of a cloth derived from coconut husks that is heated to 871 degrees to activate its carbon, and which is then infused into yarns to make the material.

The company alleges that when the body heats up, the fabric - called Quadtex Carbon's MicroClimate - provides 45% better moisture transfer than most fabrics. The fabric is designed to keep the wearer cool during hot days and to heat the body up during colder ones, says the company.

Quadtex also traps odour during physical activity, which is absorbed along with bacteria and is only released during a normal wash and dry cycle, during which the carbon restores itself for its next use.

The apparel also boasts UV protection with an SPF rating of 50+, the company claims.

By Monica Dobie