Premium Indian casual wear brand ColorPlus has gone live with the Lawson Fashion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to help drive product development and efficiency.

The investment was also prompted by an increasingly competitive landscape and with future expansion opportunities in mind at the firm, which is a subsidiary of Raymond Apparel.

"We required a PLM system that would eliminate manual and ad-hoc systems, standardise processes and provide complete visibility in design and product development processes," said Ashesh Amin, advisor to Raymond Apparel that heads ColorPlus.

Lawson Fashion PLM is a web-based suite of applications that facilitates the management of products, from design through production.

The system was implemented by Ptex Solutions, a Lawson channel partner, and has enabled ColorPlus to re-look at its business processes, reduce lead times and improve controls leading to greater efficiencies.

It has also allowed the firm to carry out more parallel activities during product development, and provides easy access to a central data repository and seamless sharing of information across business functions.

Automatically generated email notifications now keep users up to date on any modifications made to the styles, enabling them to provide instant feedback to the relevant people, thus avoiding critical delays and shortening time to market.

Product Specification Packs can be generated for the production of different styles, which are available online to the internal team at ColorPlus and can be easily shared directly with external vendors.

"The Techpacks...enable us to print out detailed information on the styles, including sketches, bill of materials and measurements for use during prototyping and production," explains Archana Panda, head of design for ColorPlus (Kidswear Division).

"We are accessing the most up-to-date style information, thus avoiding having to manage multiple versions of the truth and eliminating the time required previously to compile all the information manually."

The first phase of implementation went live in ColorPlus' Kidswear division. The company also plans to expand the use of the system into its in women's wear and men's wear business areas.