Courtaulds Socks has become that latest company to pass the Marks and Spencer accreditation process utilising a Color Eye 7000A spectrophotometer from GretagMacbeth. This is one of several examples where a GretagMacbeth system has been successfully implemented while adhering to Marks and Spencer's C-41 specification, and confirms that members of the supply chain now have another tool to help them solve the challenges of colour management. Jim Davis, president of GretagMacbeth LLC, comments: "This is a positive step for the entire textile industry. It provides specifiers like Marks and Spencer, textile dyers and cut and sew manufacturers access to a broader range of solutions from multiple solutions providers. This broader access will encourage a faster rate of innovation and the development of new technologies."Janet Best, manager of Marks and Spencer's colour management team adds: "We have always encouraged the expansion of solution choices for our vendors. At the same time we must continue our diligence to ensure Marks and Spencer's specifications and processes are adhered to. We are pleased to see that GretagMacbeth has successfully met our criteria. This enables our vendor's flexibility to pursue new approaches to the challenges of the industry." The Marks and Spencer accreditors are Intertek, PPT, STR, ITF France and Shenka College.