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The top-selling apparel, in dollars sold, for the week ending December 17, 2000:

1.  Columbia Sportswear Co.   Double Whammy men's ski parka
2.  Champion Products Inc.    Fleece 2 Pocket sweat pant
3.  Columbia Sportswear Co.   Bugaboo Light Grey men's ski parka
4.  Columbia Sportswear Co.   Fire Ridge large men's ski parka -- blue
5.  Columbia Sportswear Co.   Double Whammy women's ski parka
6.  Adidas                    AHG Exercise/Fitness Jacket
7.  Nike                      Fleece Crew Sweatshirt -- grey
8.  Columbia Sportswear Co.   Bugaboo women's ski parka
9.  Champion Products Inc.    Basic Sport Sweatpants -- maroon
10. Adidas                    AHG Exercise/Fitness Jacket

With Hanukkah and Christmas only days away, apparel sales made a dramatic increase during the past week. This week's list of top-selling apparel, based on dollars sold, is led by Columbia Sportswear Co (Portland, Ore) with four of the top five selling products for the week.

Topping the sales chart for the second consecutive week is the Columbia Sportswear Co Double Whammy men's ski parka. The Columbia Sportswear parka increased sales by more than 53 per cent to remain the nation's most popular apparel item. Holding its No. 2 position is the Champion Products Inc Fleece 2 Pocket sweat pant. The Champion fleece pant flew off shelves during the week, increasing sales by more than 23 per cent.

The remainder of the top-five is composed solely of Columbia Sportswear products. At No. 3 is the Columbia Bugaboo Light Grey men's ski parka, a top-five seller for more than a month. At No. 4 is the Columbia Sportswear Fire Ridge large men's ski parka - blue, which has remained in the top-five four consecutive weeks. Increasing sales by more than 36 per cent, the Columbia Sportswear Double Whammy women's ski parka moves into fifth position.

At No. 6 is the Adidas (Beaverton, Ore.) AHG Exercise/Fitness Jacket black/white/almond. The Adidas jacket increased sales to remain one of the nation's top-selling products. The Nike Fleece Crew Sweatshirt - grey ranks seventh this week, increasing sales by 37 per cent from the previous week.

At No. 8 is the Columbia Sportswear Bugaboo women's ski parka. The Bugaboo ski parka gave Columbia five top-10 products, all of which combined to increase sales by 40 per cent.

At No. 9 is the Champion Products Inc. Basic Sport Sweatpants - maroon. The Champion sweatpants remained a top-10 seller for the second consecutive week. Rounding out this week's list of the nation's top-selling apparel is the Adidas AHG Exercise/Fitness Jacket navy/white/almond. Confirming a rise in overall apparel sales, all 10 products on this week's list increased sales significantly from the previous week.

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