Outdoor apparel and footwear firm Columbia Sportswear has urged Lane County Circuit Court to dismiss a lawsuit claiming the company used Innovative Sports' technology to produce heated clothing.

Columbia Sportswear has argued the case because Eugene-based Innovative Sports has no lawyer to support it after two lawyers rejected the opportunity to represent the company.

The filing added that the alleged "secrets" and "confidential" information were not confidential because Innovative Sports and its business partners published this information.

In addition, Columbia produced a 12-minute telephone recording in which Innovative Sports CEO Colby Taylor tried to obtain information from the outdoor apparel firm under false pretences.

A spokesperson for Columbia Sportswear told just-style: "The primary reason behind our request for dismissal, consistent with our position from the outset, is that the plaintiff's claims are baseless and frivolous."

The lawsuit against Columbia Sportswear was originally filed on 27 March. At the time, a spokesperson for the company said: "We are not believing it has any merit."

The complaint related to Columbia Sportswear's Omni-Heat Electric heated apparel line and its discontinued 2009 heated jackets collection.