Columbia Sportswear Company (Nasdaq:COLM), an international seller of outdoor apparel and footwear, announced today that it has successfully taken legal action against an individual who registered Internet domain names using Columbia's long-established trademarks. This "cybersquatter", who attempted to sell these two domain names to Columbia earlier this year for $750,000 each, recently lost an arbitration panel decision and has been required to transfer both domain names to Columbia for free. "This is 'High Noon' in cyberspace," said Tim Boyle, Columbia's president and chief executive officer. "We have fought against misuse of our intellectual property rights for many years and with this victory we're taking the fight to the Internet. We have zero-tolerance for intellectual property infringement, and we're glad to make an example of a person who not only violated our rights, but showed his bad faith by attempting to sell us trademarks that we already own." In March 2000, Columbia Sportswear filed a complaint against the Canadian cybersquatter before the World Intellectual Property Organization using the dispute resolution policies of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). An arbitrator ruled in May that the cybersquatter had registered and used