Exponent Inc has been awarded a follow-on contract to develop the US Army's Advanced Combat Soldier Uniform. The contract extends through October 17th, 2001 and is expected to generate $350,000 in net revenue for the firm. 

The company is now assessing clothing fabrics and materials, chemical/biological barrier materials, and environmental and ballistic protection. It says it will also investigate integrating clothing and electronics to monitor the physiological well-being of the soldier in combat.

"We are pleased to have this contract in place, allowing us to continue to lead this exciting technology development programme," said Michael R Gaulke, president and CEO. "The success of the Land Warrior system has given Exponent the opportunity to support other military programmes in using commercial off-the-shelf technologies in their applications, and we are pleased to have been selected to assist the Army in developing the soldier uniform of the future."

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