Commercial scale production of the first textile fibres based on spider silk is getting closer, with metric ton quantities expected by the middle of next year. 

US biotech company Kraig Biocraft Laboratories last week said it has hatched its first batch of Monster Silk silkworms for commercial production, and is investing to expand production over the next one to three months.

A portion of the first commercial production generation will yield fibres that can be used to produce woven textile samples.

"Our launch of our commercial scale production of Monster Silk is a long awaited major milestone for Kraig, as we demonstrate our ability to convert recombinant spider silk, and Monster Silk most specifically, from an exciting laboratory technology to a marketable product," said CEO and founder, Kim Thompson.

"Given the current planned production schedule, we could theoretically be producing Monster Silk in metric ton quantities by early January.

"A more conservative estimate, given the realities of launching such a ground breaking and commercially unique project, would be to reach that major milestone in mid-2014."