Wal-Mart is under pressure from its suppliers and vendors to rescind its decision to stop providing sales information to market share tracking firms, WWD reported.

One source said he was certain that Wal-Mart was still considering whether or not to go ahead with its plan to stop sending information to companies such as AC Nielsen on July 31.

Wal-Mart first announced the decision in January. Currently tracking firms can purchase daily sales data from Wal-Mart and then pass it on to manufacturers and retailers who are keen to get information from the world's largest retailer.

If the plan goes ahead, retailers will no longer be able to track their rivals' sales data.

Wal-Mart is stopping the scheme as it feels it benefits its competitors more than it does them. Bill Wertz, a Wal-Mart spokesman, said the retailer would continue to work with suppliers. He denied that the company was considering putting a stop to the plan.

"Expect that the time to expire will be July 31," he said.