Charity campaigners are calling on Spanish retail giant Inditex, owner of the Zara fashion chain, to help the families of garment workers killed after a boiler explosion at a factory in Bangladesh.

War on Want and the National Garment Workers' Federation are calling for compensation after two women died when employees fled after fire broke out at a shoe showroom and warehouse in a seven-storey building in Dahka. A further 62 staff were hurt as staff rushed to escape.

According to local press reports reports, Saleha Begum, who worked on the sixth floor, said: "The collapsible gates at the bottom of the stairs were closed. Everyone piled on the stairs, increasing the pressure, and the stairs gave way, with workers falling on those below."

The Federation is seeking BDT500,000 (US$6,480) for the families of Taslima Akter and Jeesimn Akter who died amid the stampede. It is also calling compensation for other workers who suffered serious injuries.

The Federation and the War on Want are also pressing for better safety in Zara's factories, highlighting how some 64 workers died in 2005 when the Spectrum factory, which produced Zara clothes, collapsed in Sava, around 18 miles from Dhaka.