Fashion retailer Comptoir des Cotonniers has implemented new point-of-sale software that allows it to keep track of sales and stock levels in real time.

The based solution from VCSTimeless has also led to improve efficiency in operational tasks for the company's 300 stores in Europe, Asia and the US.

Comptoir des Cotonniers is owned by Japanese fashion group Fast Retailing, which also owns the Uniqlo chain.

It is planning to open around 130 more international stores in the next few years

"The existing system didn't have any capacity for storing data at the store level," said Marc Bernhard, IT director at Comptoirs des Cotonniers.

"Whenever there was a problem with the internet link with our central server in Toulouse, our stores lost all the IT tools necessary for running an efficient retail business, and so they had to do all the essential tasks manually."

Comptoir des Cotonniers opted to equip its stores with the new point-of-sale (EPoS) solution, BeStore, from VCSTimeless - with deployment taking just six weeks.

The EPoS software was geared to each country's own language, currency and fiscal regulations.

BeStore manages payments, the price changes during sales, stocks as well as processes returns and inter-store transfers, credit notes and gift tokens.

Store personnel also have their own user interface which gives instant access to information on stock, such as when articles will be delivered to stores.

Benefits are said to include faster re-ticketing for markdowns, greater autonomy at a local level, and more reliable data.