Cone Denim opened a research incubator in May

Cone Denim opened a research incubator in May

US textile major Cone Denim has become the latest company to sign up to the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

"Cone Denim promotes sustainability and responsible manufacturing in all of our operations, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with other members of the cotton supply chain to share best practices and work to continuously improve the production and sustainability of cotton, and grow the demand for Better Cotton," said Steve Maggard, VP of operations, planning & product development for Cone Denim.

He added that the company stands behind sustainable practices as each of its global facilities, ensuring it operates in a way that minimises its environmental footprint, and promotes "responsible stewardship of the area’s natural resources".

Cone's Jiaxing plant in China recently received Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification on selected denim products, confirming they have been produced without the use of illegal, regulated or other known harmful substances.

The company also opened a research incubator in May, which develops fabrics focused on performance, comfort, uniqueness, and sustainability. And its Sustainblue Collection is comprised of denim constructions using recycled cotton and polyester and sustainable yarns.