'Containers', 'compliance' and 'classification' are the themes for the three one-day sessions at this year's Footwear Traffic and Distribution Conference (FTDC), which aims to help delegates understand identify, understand and prepare for challenges to their supply chains.

Organised by the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) and aimed at footwear import specialists, compliance managers, and customs directors, the event claims to be the largest footwear conference of its kind in the US.

“The traffic of footwear is changing dramatically...new challenges are emerging along with technologies to improve shipping and importing efficiencies,” the FDRA says.

The agenda will include 'Port innovations: moving your footwear efficiently,' 'Navigating challenges at our nation’s ports today & tomorrow,' 'From ships & trucks to drones: managing the footwear supply chain in an age of constant change!,' 'Preparing for the future today: securing your cargo from a litany of threats,' 'North American customs and commerce issues,' and 'What’s in your warehouse? Solving current footwear quality challenges.'

The Compliance part of the programme will tackle: 'Running in heels: be compliant & look good doing it,' 'Footwear customs & compliance geeks unite! a case study on how data is used to succeed in compliance,' 'Reducing total landed costs with FTZs & eliminating duties through FTAs,' and a panel discussion on 'Chemical compliance from prop 65 to US counties…is it time for a federal response?'

And for the Classification element, talks will cover 'Exploring emerging materials and their impact on classification: can customs keep up?' and 'A discussion on footwear design innovation and classification from the trenches!'

The 2015 FTDC Conference will take place from 25-28 October at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel, at Long Beach, California. Click here for more details.