Denmark's only remaining men's tailoring factory, Falbe Hansen has had disappointing first half results.

Turnover increased by 5.5 per cent to 45.7m Danish Kroner, compared to the same period last year. Export of Webmore branded clothing has increased.

"The losses before tax of 3.8m kroner is unsatisfactory - worse than anticipated," said MD Karl Kristian Bro. Most of the additional expenses are one-off, including moving production. For the whole of the year 2000, a turnover of 100-110m kroner is expected, with a loss of around one million Danish kroner before tax.

The company is 125 years old, and specialises in made-to-measure menswear. Falbe is sold in 789 retailers in Denmark, and about 15 per cent of production is exported, mainly to Norway and Sweden.

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By Penny Leese