A high-profile crackdown on clothing counterfeiters and retailers that sell fake Levi's jeans and garments has been announced by the US-based jeans giant's new distributor in the United Arab Emirates, Al Madani Group (AMG).

Senior AMG officials on Thursday warned that individuals or firms involved in such illegal activities had until the end of March to stop producing and selling the goods.

"We are holding talks with Levi's lawyers on the subject. And we have communicated with those we have found engaging in these activities to stop them, their deadline being March end," one official said.

He added: "Levi's fakes are there in every market. But our efforts can control it to a great extent."

Meanwhile, Levi's first flagship store in the UAE will open in Dubai in April, with a new Dockers store following in June. AMG bosses said they planned to have 20 outlets, stocking both brands, established in the Arab country by the end of the year.