Crazy Shirts, the Hawaiian imprinted sportswear retailer today announced the appointment of Randy Yeager as president, chief executive officer, and co-chairman of the board of the combined Pacific and Mainland operations. Mr Yeager was recently appointed as a director of the company and assumed the leadership positions after the resignation of Bill Almon, who joined the company in July 1999. Mr Yeager, a former CEO of the company, returns after two years as the president and COO of Three Day Blinds, a mainland retail and manufacturing company.John Loevenguth has been named executive vice president in addition tocontinuing his role as the company's COO and CFO. Mr. Loevenguth was also appointed to the board of directors for Ralston Enterprises and Crazy Shirts, Inc.Rick Ralston, founder and owner of Crazy Shirts and co-chairman of theboard said: "Randy and I have worked together previously for more than ten years, and we developed an excellent and productive working relationship over that time. He played a key role in increasing sales from $28m to $53m in Hawaii and Guam from 1988 to 1996. His presence leading our management team, combined with the vision and experience of our new board of directors, gives Crazy Shirts the ability to carry forward our strategic business plan."