A campaign to encourage more knitters to incorporate Lycra in their winter garment ranges is now in progress at DuPont. But whereas past promotions of this type have centered chiefly around Lycra's ability to provide better fitting garments which will hold their shape longer, the current campaign puts greater stress than ever before on creative design achieved with the aid of innovative yarns with a Lycra content.In the collection which has been put together by DuPont to demonstrate the new versatility of Lycra, yarns from some sixty spinners around the world have been employed, many drawing their novelty appeal from unusual choices of blend partners for elastane. Lycra, for instance, is teamed with metal fibers supplied by the Scientific Wire Company and with finest Scottish spun cashmere by Todd & Duncan.Brushed and felted yarns with a Lycra content, which when knitted up will give the impression of a heavyweight fabric but without actual weight, are also expected to be widely used commercially next winter as well as playing a key role in the DuPont demonstration collection. Introducing this collection, DuPont's own knitwear designer, Sheila-Mary Carruthers, commented: "We haven't yet scratched the surface of the creative possibilities of Lycra content yarns and the garments that can be produced from them."