According to its first quarter report filed Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Christopher and Banks Corp plans to open about 70 Christopher & Banks stores and 30 CJ Banks stores in the fiscal year ending 3 March 2004. It also said it expects to convert all remaining Braun's stores to the Christopher & Banks name.

The women's specialty retailer opened 25 Christopher & Banks stores and 20 CJ Banks stores in the first quarter ended 1 June 2002, and intends to open a further 30 new Christopher & Banks stores and an additional 15 CJ Banks stores during the rest of fiscal 2003.

It is setting aside $18 million to open and remodel stores, and make various capital improvements at its headquarters and distribution centre, in fiscal 2003, with a share of these expenditures also being used to open stores in the first quarter of fiscal 2004.