Crocs Skylar flat toning shoe

Crocs Skylar flat toning shoe

Plastic clog maker Crocs Inc is stepping into the burgeoning market for footwear that shapes and tones while the wearer walks.

The company believes it has spotted a gap in the market with sleeker-styled shoes that have a concealed three-layer design to stimulate leg muscle activity while walking. In contrast, with most current athletic or flip flop options, the toning features are highly visible.

"Despite the toning categories exponential growth, the market is missing casual lifestyle shoes. The Crocs Tone collection fills that void," explains Dale Bathum, global vice president of product.

"With the versatility and foot health attributes of our proprietary Croslite technology, we have the ability to design sleeker, more stylish silhouettes that stimulate muscle activity in the upper and lower legs, so that women have the opportunity to realise the benefits of toning without sacrificing style or comfort."

The Crocs Tone line, built on patent-pending, leg-shaping technology, consists of styled in fun, bright colour combinations priced at $49.99-$59.99.

Developed by Crocs' biomechanics engineering and product design teams, Crocs Tone technology utilises Crocs proprietary Croslite material technology, along with a purposefully concealed three-layer design.

A spherical outsole creates a variety of walking rhythms to spark a spectrum of muscle activity; a Croslite material footbed cradles and supports the foot; and a toning ring provides stability so that there are gentle shifts in foot movement while walking.