Customs officers across the EU seized almost 3.4m counterfeit articles of branded clothing last year.

The retail value of the original goods was estimated at EUR104.6m. This compares with just over 4m articles in 2011, valued at EUR123.5m (US$164.4m). 

Some 628,375 articles of 'fake' brand clothing accessories were also uncovered (-20.2%) with a retail value of EUR28.1m (-31.5%).

Counterfeit label sports shoes totaled 466,073 pairs (-59.4%) valued at EUR36.5m (-56.7%). Meanwhile 762,442 other pairs of shoes were seized (-64%), worth EUR41.5m (-53.1%).

China was the main country of origin for counterfeit brand clothing, with 76.8% of the total, followed by Turkey and Morocco.

Some 74.8% of detained sports shoes came from China followed by Morocco (8.2%), and Hong Kong, with 8.2% and 7.6% of the total respectively. China was also the major supplier of counterfeit shoes in other footwear categories (93.4%).