The Dan River company name, some of its patented technologies and its design library are all up for sale after the textile maker filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April.

Included in the company's intellectual property portfolio, which will be auctioned by Consor Intellectual Asset Management, are patents covering the application of cyclodextrins to cellulosic textiles and the products made using these textiles.

The chemistry creates an odour trapping and neutralising system that can be recharged with a simple rinse or wash. Applications include hunting apparel, military apparel, athletic apparel and undergarments.

The company's design library features more than a century's worth of original hand painted designs and vintage textiles purchased from design libraries in France, Italy, Israel, London, New York and many others.

There are also original hand painted designs copyrighted by Dan River and proprietary weaves, including loom instructions, for hundreds of apparel, linen, and bedding lines.

Danville, Virginia-based Dan River, which produced woven cotton and cotton-blend apparel fabrics in addition to a home furnishings range, filed for bankruptcy on Sunday 21 April.

The 126-year-old company, which was sold in 2005 to the Indian based firm GHCL Ltd, was forced to close its doors after struggling to compete with lower cost suppliers overseas.