Textile manufacturer Dan River has chosen Camstar's InSite software for an automation upgrade at its Sevierville plant. The upgrade will link plant floor operations at Dan River's three apparels fabric plants, in real-time, to the divisional ERP that coordinates the flow of product between the three plants and Dan River's suppliers and customers.

The Sevierville plant is one of two divisional plants that produces the greige cloth basic to the production of various types of fabric, and the deployment of InSite at that location manages and controls the movement of product through the many steps of the production process. Taking manufacturing orders directly from the ERP, InSite splits the orders into batches, discrete orders, and containers, which are then tracked as they move through the production process. This heightened visibility into the status of all goods being produced allows Dan River to quickly and easily respond to customer inquiries regarding delivery times, while giving plant management the real-time overview of plant operations required to more effectively manage its production processes.

"InSite is helping us manage our manufacturing operations more effectively than we were able to do before," said Steve Myers, Dan River's director of apparel information systems. "We are now able to manage our inventories better, spot late delivery situations before they become a problem, and recognize and correct production cost variances on a period-by-period basis. Additionally, because InSite has been interfaced directly to our ERP system, our downstream finishing plant at Harris, NC knows exactly what's happening at Sevierville and can plan its production schedules accordingly."

"We're very satisfied with the InSite implementation at Sevierville, and are now preparing to install it at a new greige plant located in Mexico," said Myers.

About Camstar Systems
Camstar is a provider of e-manufacturing solutions for Fortune 1000 corporations. By linking customer orders to real-time production information, Camstar enables manufacturers to execute e-business strategies across global supply chain networks. Camstar's InSite solution is designed for the most demanding manufacturing environments, offering a common, flexible, Internet-based platform for managing customer orders across multiple plants and processes. Manufacturers use InSite to speed the production of customised products, and provide stakeholders throughout the supply chain with up-to-the-second information and order status. For more information, visit the company website at http://www.camstar.com .