The latest colour management solution from Datacolor enables visual and numerical colour assessment on a variety of fabrics that until now could not be evaluated digitally.

The Datacolor Viewport, a first look at which has been unveiled at ITMA 2011, is designed to meet the needs of retail colourists and QC operators and should boost the accuracy with which textiles can be replicated and quality controlled.

Expected to be available in 2012, the tool has been developed to replace the time-consuming visual approval of samples with non-solid colours. This digital method is said to be capable of reliable remote approval - making the approval process easier and more efficient. 

Fabrics that can now be assessed for their colour quality include prints, laces, multi-coloured wovens, and even different material-based lingerie components.

The web-based technology uses high precision digital imaging in a light cabinet, along with image visualisation on a calibrated display. Its cloud-based software allows for remote viewing, approval and archiving of supplier samples. 

"Suppliers and their customers can now view and analyse colour quality simultaneously, as if they were standing together in front of the same light-booth," says Eric Alho, product marketing manager, Datacolor. 

"Assessing large amounts of submitted fabric results quickly and easily eliminates the risk for human error and reduces the number of shipped physical samples."