Datacolor has launched Ahiba QuickDose, a dosing system that works with its Ahiba infrared lab dyeing machines to make it safer and easier to add liquids and powders to a dyebath.

Most commonly used in exhaust dyeing with reactive and acid dyes, QuickDose uses three independently operated dosing capsules that don't need to be removed or opened.

Chemical dosing in a textile lab results in a much closer match between lab dyeing and production dyeing, reducing the need for colour corrections in production. The company also claims the QuickDose system is quicker, safer and more precise.

It uses three colour-coded capsules that can be activated in less than one minute and filled with either liquid or powder. Each chemical can be added at the correct time in the dyeing cycle, and the ability to use powders means that changes in temperature to the dyebath are minimised.

The tool is also said to be more practical for operators, who would usually have to do the same chemical dosing work manually.

The system also provides an alternative to injection/syringe systems, which are time consuming and use chemicals that must be diluted prior to injecting them into the dyebath, affecting the liquor ratio. Current powder systems add auxiliaries all of them at once, the company says.

"Without a chemical dosing system, an operator would have to manually remove the beakers and manually add chemicals," explains Datacolor product manager Jeff Fain. 

"With the new Ahiba QuickDose, we replace time-consuming and unsafe dosing operations with an easy-to-use and efficient system. With this addition to the Ahiba product line, we can offer greater reproducibility between lab dyeing and production dyeings."