Datacolor, one of the world's leading color technology suppliers across a broad range of industries, today announced the worldwide opening of its Colorite Studios. The Studios are designed as optimal viewing areas for the company's award-winning color communications software, Colorite. They provide the ideal setting in which to explore the power of digital color sampling.The new Colorite Studios also allow customers to experience, first hand, Colorite as an integral part of a revolutionary new Color Information Management System (CIMS). CIMS is Datacolor's complete computerized environment for color measuring, matching, quality control and communication. As a key part of the CIMS package, Colorite lets everyone involved in a color decision -- designers, colorant suppliers, and production -- see and communicate color digitally. On-screen color viewing eliminates the costly practice of mailing color samples back and forth between locations.The technology cuts the cost of samples and development time in half and helps companies move forward rapidly with production in order to deliver products with the benefit of savings in administrative costs.CIMS' technology utilizes Internet access, compatible PCs with software, computer monitors and a measuring instrument. The monitors are accurately calibrated by the Colorite software and are used with a color spectrophotometer, which is an instrument for color measurement. Colorite software enables visual color communication and Color Tools software ensures precise numerical color quality control.Now, someone seated in a Colorite Studio can experience the entire CIMS process, including: