Datacolor has launched Viewport, a cloud-based technology solution that captures colour-accurate product images of non-solid fabrics such as lace, denim, prints and patterns.

The tool is designed for product quality control operators and colour analysts, and is expected to help eliminate the need to ship physical samples by allowing for remote visualisation and colour evaluation.

"Eliminating the need to ship physical samples is a significant benefit to both the supplier and buyer in the supply chain," said Datacolor product marketing manager Eric Alho.

"Datacolor Viewport provides suppliers and their customers the ability to simultaneously view and analyse colour quality in multiple light references using colour-calibrated image capture technology, which simplifies the approval process and ensures that the colour is accurate, consistent, and produced on time."

The cloud server technology lets data be shared instantly and securely anywhere around the globe - along with the ability to approve or reject, archive, and search samples.