Datel's apparel and footwear division has teamed up with Rippe & Kingston Systems Inc, of the USA, the eBusiness solutions developer, to bring the e.ssential product to the UK and Europe. E.ssential is the first turnkey business-to-business web portal management solution for the apparel and footwear industry offering a complete software application that manages all technologies and functions required of a web portal.With the apparel and footwear portal, e.ssential Datel can deploy, maintain and customise web portals for each organisation, group, or user. These applications include content, catalogue order entry, online wardrobe management, purchase order tracking and pre-production planning. Martin Rath, director, Datel said: "One of the most dramatic changes that apparel and footwear companies face is how their business can harness the power of the Internet to deliver business benefit and advantage. E.ssential. provides customers with a secure way to extend their business systems."