Datel has extended its Protex solution suite with the launch of Protex Demand Planning, a solution specifically developed for clothing and footwear companies that manages demand in the minimum of time.

Protex Demand Planning enables businesses to accurately match customer demand against supply, resulting in an improved buying process, which in turn means better customer service.

Demand comes from customer orders and forecasts; the system checks supply from various sources including available free stock in the warehouse, commitment, work-in-progress and source purchase orders.

The system provides the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in demand, filtering changes through the whole business process and resolving any conflicts that occur.

Any issues regarding supply are visible within the Buying Assistant function, enabling situations such as a shortfall in supply to be managed. These issues are sometimes hard to identify or go undetected in traditional systems.

The Material Manager function enables those businesses that manufacture or produce on a CMT basis to match supply of materials to the purchase orders. This optimises the procurement process ensuring the materials are at the supplier/factory on time for manufacturing to begin.

All personnel responsible for demand planning are connected in one system providing a single view of the same data. The combination of data transparency and increased knowledge of the whole process optimises planning quality.