Lingerie company DBA Group has chosen Lectra Fashion PLM V3 to manage its collection life cycles.

The owner of the DIM, Playtex,  Wonderbra, Nur Die, Abanderado, and Loveable implemented the system as part of its efforts to reorganise its operations and focus its expertise on harmonising and improving product development across brands.

"We chose Lectra because they place the same emphasis on customer satisfaction and market needs," said DBA COO Xavier Lepingle.

"In our apparel business, it is critical that we remain flexible in order to keep pace with the unpredictability of the market. At the same time, we must structure our internal process and give our teams the power to direct their energy more efficiently, thereby turning our flexibility into a competitive advantage."

Lectra Fashion PLM will help manage the micro details of collection development while also maintaining a bird's eye view.

"Changes in the market and in consumer expectations are have led us to change our business model to optimize our organization to achieve shorter time to market," said Lepingle.

"Our teams need to be able to manage assortments and development costs as well as manage collections with different suppliers without sacrificing quality."