The Puerto Rican government is hoping to give a boost to the island's local apparel industry with the launch of the country's first national fashion brand.

Ten Puerto Rican designers have joined forces under the banner P.ERE, supported by the Puerto Rico Trade and Export Company and Puerto Rico's Department of Economic Development and Commerce.

The initiative is aligned with Puerto Rico's five-year economic roadmap, and is seen as an "ideal opportunity to support local economic growth."

Puerto Rico's apparel industry employs over 10,000 workers in 80 plants, and partnerships with local manufacturers will see the ready-to-wear designs being produced on the island by The Fashion Group.

Initially, designers will market their creations domestically, but the Department of Economic Development and Commerce expects to make the collection available worldwide and export goods by 2015.

"P.ERE will help us create jobs in an industry that already has exceptional homegrown talent," said Frankie Chévere, executive director of the Puerto Rico Trade and Export Company.

While Alberto Bacó-Bagué, secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce notes: "We are establishing production alliances with local apparel manufacturing companies to increase our exports, add jobs and become a key player within the multi-million dollar fashion industry."